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Before & After

Forehead lines and wrinkles can form very quickly and easily unless you "freeze" the underlying muscles with Botox.  


                before                               after

Botox reduces and removes these horizontal wrinkles in the foreheadEasily reduce wrinkles and eliminate forehead lines with Botox injections

Botox has basically removed the horizontal forehead lines. 

Frown lines and wrinkles (11's) can be treated with Juvederm filler and Botox injections

MD only Botox and Juvederm injections fight aging and reduce wrinkles


    Reduce, eliminate and prevent Frown Lines & "Crows Feet" with quick,easy Botox and Juvederm beauty treatments

Advanced knowledge of facial muscles enhances the Botox and Juvederm results

The chemical compound in Juvederm. Collagen is made of this and gives that youthful look to skin
Kweller Medical Spa in Greenville Texas will help you fight wrinkles

Kweller Medical Spa believes customers are our main focus. With that in mind, Dr. Kweller is personally committed to meeting and exceeding customers' expectations.  He is an experienced Family Physician, and expert Botox and Juvederm injector.   He will always be just a phone call or text message away to answer all of your questions and concerns.  


Plump and enlarge your lips at Kweller Medical Spa with Juvederm fillerPlump lips using Juvederm at Kweller Medical Spa Greenville texasFight aging and reduce or eliminate wrinkles with Botox and Juvederm