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July 2011

How long will these Botox and Juvederm treatments last?

In general. 4- 6 months for your Botox effects and up to 1 year for Juvederm dermal filler injections.  We feel that there may be cumulative effects from repeat Botox treatments.  This means that you may see effects last longer and maybe even require smaller amounts.  Injections of Juvederm and other dermal fillers can stimulate the production of collagen by the cells in the dermis (deeper skin layer).  This gives your skin overall improvement in youthful appearance and reduction of fine lines and imperfections with repeat treatments.

Who may not receive Botox treatments?

Botox Cosmetic treatments are safe and effective for nearly anyone, age 18-65.  Most physicians feel that there are 2 main reasons to avoid Botox: Pregnancy and Neurologic Disease like Multiple Sclerosis. While serious adverse reactions related to Botox have been reported, they are very rare and there are no real allergic reactions to Botox. When administered properly, and by following some simple post treatment instructions, bad reactions can usually be avoided.

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